Continental Tire

Continental Tire’s fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. Ranks after Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear. Continental owns many brands, such as General Tire, Dunlop, Matador and Barum.

Continental tires are among the safest tires. Continental comes with time and still trying to improve their products. If we look at the reviews of tires Continental, we find that the signs of users ranging from 1.00 (Continental SportContact 3) to 1.90 (Continental SportContact 2 M0 FR). The exception is a type of tire called Continental VancoWinterContact, which got 2.83 marks. Continental tire tests also did not work badly. For example, in summer tire test occupied the third place.

If still in doubt, you will find reviews of tires, continental all over the internet. You will find that responses are often positive.

In other sections of these pages you will find different types of continental tires, but also be something of the history of Continental.